I have a blog!… Again!…

It’s good to be back!
Ages ago (well, not really, but it feels like ages ago), I had a website, a blog, which I love very much. But as we were getting ready for The Big Move and later as we settled down in our new country, it became more and more remote. I just couldn’t relate to it anymore and I didn’t feel like I had anything to write about.

But I’m back, with a new blog and a new name.

My jar of threads

My jar of threads, which inspired this new blog’s name

For the last couple of months, my crafting mojo has been back. It has never really been gone completely, but I think I lost my purpose somewhere along the road. It’s back now, and I’m stitching all. the. things. I’ll show you soon! But here is a little teaser for you!

All the stitches (1)

What I’ve been working on…

Time for me to go, I’ve got a twin-sized quilt to baste and I really should get on with it (the quilt top has only been waiting since… November!).