Hello there, lovely knitting

Hey friends! I am back as promised with a little yarny update. I know I have been rather neglectful of this corner of the blogosphere, thus not sharing with the world all the crafty things I have been up to. But I’m properly back now, and I can show you what I’ve been knitting!

Grey cardigan
Nothing really exciting about this project. It’s grey, it’s big and it’s warm. I call it my wearable blanket and I’ve been wearing it lots since the weather has cooled down. It was knitted on 5mm needles in Cascade 220 in charcoal colourway. The pattern, I made up as I went along, working the whole things top down (one of my favourite ways to knit a no-fuss project). That was finished at the end of January.

Next up was a hat for the 5-year-old to wear to the rugby games. “Our” team, the Crusaders, have red and black shirts. The hat was knitted in Shepherd’s Wool 4ply, on 2.75mm needles for the band and 3.25mm needles for the rest

Next up, was another hat in the same yarn and colour combination, only smaller – to fit the youngest Crusaders fan of the house. But of course, I have not one picture of it!

After that, though, technically, they were started before the hats, came a pair of socks. I worked them toe-up, 2-at-time, with a Ripplescrafts sock yarn that I had brought from the UK almost 3 years ago. The only fanciness of theses socks were simple cables running up the foot and leg. Oh, and an after thought heel, which is not my favourite, but I wanted to keep the repeating pattern of the yarn and not have weird pooling when working the heel.

My latest finish is this darling stripey number that I knitted for my toddler niece. It is rather long in the body, and I’m hoping she’ll be able to wear it for a while! The yarn used is Cleckheaton Country 8ply, which I knitted with 4.5mm needles. I followed a pattern called Fruit Loops, I think, which can be found on Ravelry. I really like this little jersey, but for some reason, it took me forever to knit!

And last, but not least, my latest start. I cast on yesterday and knitted the first rounds this morning. It is going to be a hat for ME! The yarn is Red Riding Hood Yarns in the Lady Mary colourway on a 80/20 sock yarn. The colours is actually deeper than the picture shows, more like wine. It’s very lovely!

All in all, I have been doing pretty good with my yarn stash management over the last year or so. It hasn’t grown. In fact, it has been going down. I am keeping track of what’s coming in and out in a nifty spreadsheet.
Yarn spreadsheet
I keep track of the number of balls AND the meterage. While I haven’t been knitting a lot, I still managed to reduce the stash by over 9 balls, and just over 4kms. Happy!

That’s all for now! What have you guys been up to?