My week in Instagram

It took me forever to figure out how to simplify the makings of these Instagram review posts. And then, I remember Bighugelabs, which makes mosaic making really easy!

2015, week 2

1. Elle’s Studio goodies 2. Bye bye Christmas 3. Us in the local newspaper 4. Knitting in the sun
5 and 6. Quick little sketches 7. Complaining about the weather app 8. More knitting in the sun

2015, week 2

1. Sunday night raspberry crumble 2. Serious business 3. Designing planner stuff 4. Yummy summer salad
5. New red planner 6, 7 and 8. Daily drawings

I think it sums up my week quite nicely! What have you been up to?

2015 = more

2014 has gone and 2015 has started. Well, hello and Happy New Year to all.

I’m not always one to make new resolutions with the new year, but for 2015, I felt I needed something to drive me through the year.
You see, while 2014 was an awesome year, that was mostly due to the birth of our second son, the amazing Leon. Because I was pregnant (and feeling rather unwell) for most of the year, then baby-ing for the rest, I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. I know I should give myself a break, because really, making a tiny human being is “quite” the accomplishment, but still I think there’s room for improvement in 2015.

Rather than making a set list of resolutions, I decided to choose one word and one only, that would help me achieve my goal of a happy and fulfilling year. My word? MORE.

2015 = more

A little reminder for my art journal

I want to do more and I want to make more. Simple! I want more adventures with my family, more quality time, more finishing projects, more art, more sewing, more exploring, more happiness, more more more!

Did you make special new year resolutions? Do you have a special word? If so, please share, I’m awfully curious!

More instagraming

I thought I would keep my lazy blogging streak by showing you all what I’ve been liking on Instagram lately. This too could become a regular feature, if only to help me remember what I’ve liked!


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Also, it saves me from having to edit pictures. Honestly, that’s the number one reason to my lack of blogging…. At least, Instagram does it all for me, haha!

My instagram week

Since I’ve been using Instagram a lot more recently (user lilysunshines), I thought I’d start doing some of those weekly instagram posts (also, yay for lazy blogging). So here’s my week: lots of sewing, lots of Christmas and a bonus pic of a sleepy baby.


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Community crafting

It’s been over 2 months since my last blog post (nearly 3!). But you see, I’ve been busy finishing up this baby and then enjoying him, that blogging wasn’t my priority! I’ll introduce him to my avid readers soon, but for now there is something else I want to talk about.

Once upon a time, I was working in an independent fabric and craft. There, I met many like-minded people who shared my love of making things. We all came from different paths of life and craft, but this love of producing stuff made us all instant friends

Fast forward a few months and this work place as we loved it is no more, but we are still all very good friends. So what did we do? We crafted a community group.

Created to Create

Logo by Holly.

So what does this group do? Well, it brings together crafty people to share inspirations, ideas, advices, information, encouragements, and also lots of teas and yummy things to eat.
By putting together our different resources, we are stronger crafty individuals, we are exposed to different things.
Our weekly craft and chat meetings are good for the soul. Of course we talk crafts and projects, but mostly, we talk about life and all it entails.

We meet on Monday mornings, at each other’s houses, for the moment. When the group grows and more people join us, we will move to a more permanent venue. So, if you’re in and around Christchurch and you would like to meet up with some other crafters (we meet on Mondays, but are thinking of varying days to make sure that people who work can join in the fun), Like us on Facebook and let us know you are interested!

This and That

I have been rather silent the last week or so. It had never been my intention. But it’s the middle of winter here, and we all were struck by a cold and general under-the-weather-ness. We are recovering though and hoping to be sniffle-free by the end of the weekend (says I, typing that with a very blocked nose indeed).

But I was not sick enough that I could not sit down with some kind of crafty thing to do. I actually finished not one but 5 (FIVE!!) projects in the last week or so, as well as starting / progressing on 2 new projects (which should be done very quickly too, at the speed I am going at the moment). So I’ve got a lot of things to show you. But in the meantime, here is a little teaser!

There’s been a lot of quilting. A LOT!!

Quilts, quilts and more quilts

All of those are finished!

There’s been some quick sewing that I had been putting off for months.

draft excluders

Cold snap? Better get ready!

There’s been a new favourite thing.

Hexie pincushion

When the dog bites When the bee stings When I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don’t feel so bad

There’s been a new project out of old stash, that somehow transformed into two projects.

Two from one

No wastage allowed with these 2 projects.

Hold on tight for the individual blog posts telling you more about all these projects!

This and that

The last few days have seen a little bit of this…

July Sampler

My running stitch and blackwork sampler for July

I’ve also rescued this project which had been on the back burner for months…


Just about finished!

But really, what’s been on my mind is this project…

Being quilted

Twin-sized quilt getting the free-motion quilting treatment

With 2 finishes in sight, I find myself dreaming of new projects. So many ideas, so little time!